The Sunlit Lands

The Sunlit Lands

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After destroying the Crescent Stone, Madeline returns home, bringing Shula and Yenil with her. As her health continues to deteriorate, Madeline feels the Sunlit Lands calling her back. Meanwhile, Jason, Darius, and the rest of the inhabitants of the Sunlit Lands fight for survival and freedom. The magic that fuels the land is failing, threatening to destroy them all. Will Madeline’s return save the land and its people? Matt’s signature humor and epic storytelling are once again on full display in The Heartwood Crown.
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Código 9781496431790
Páginas 448
Autor Mikalatos, Matt
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2019-06-04
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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