7 Things Hell Never Tell You. . . . But You Need to Know

7 Things Hell Never Tell You. . . . But You Need to Know

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Kevin Leman wants you to know that men are less complicated than you give them credit for. At the core of men, youll find a sensitive, emotional being that needs to feel loved, respected and needed. Men are very protective of their core. Its this protective behavior that keeps men from openly sharing their feelings with women. But, Kevin Leman knows that the more you understand and are sensitive to the fears, anxieties, and insecurities that make the men in your life behave the way they do, the stronger your relationships will be.
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Código 9781414327921
Páginas 224
Autor Leman, Kevin
Formato ePub con DRM
Fecha edición 2011-07-14
Edición Digital
Idioma Inglés
Editorial Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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